oldid date/time username edit summary
9172460 2015-03-14T11:56:42Z Mishu57 legătură internă
9172453 2015-03-14T11:53:09Z Mishu57 typo
9172451 2015-03-14T11:52:49Z Mishu57 eliminat ghilimele
9172449 2015-03-14T11:52:14Z Mishu57 eliminat [[Categorie:Mihai Olos]] via [[WP:HC|HotCat]]
9172447 2015-03-14T11:51:19Z Mishu57 Adăugat {{[[Format:Problemearticol|Problemearticol]]}} cu parametrii ghilimele, listă și referințe ([[WP:TW|TW]])
9172444 2015-03-14T11:50:38Z Mishu57 introducere
9171403 2015-03-14T08:28:14Z Liviuolos
9171389 2015-03-14T08:16:21Z Liviuolos
9171367 2015-03-14T08:11:19Z Liviuolos
9171347 2015-03-14T08:07:22Z Liviuolos
9171342 2015-03-14T08:06:33Z Liviuolos
9171332 2015-03-14T08:04:44Z Liviuolos
9171286 2015-03-14T07:57:50Z Liviuolos ([[:ro:WP:DVN|corectat automat]])
9171150 2015-03-14T07:34:12Z Liviuolos Pagină nouă: {{use dmy dates|date=March 2015}} {{Infobox artist | name = Mihai Olos | image = | imagesize = | caption = | birthvname = | birth_date = {{birth date|1940|2|...

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