oldid date/time username edit summary
10108964 2015-10-25T11:02:18Z Terraflorin
10108939 2015-10-25T10:51:14Z Terraflorin
8955862 2014-12-13T00:50:13Z descriere personaj
7553534 2013-03-25T23:28:22Z Addbot Migrare a 8 legături interwiki, furnizate acum de [[Wikipedia:Wikidata|Wikidata]] la [[d:q2460531]]
6057736 2012-01-13T00:51:21Z MystBot r2.7.1) (Robot interwiki: Adăugat: [[fr:Laura Palmer]]
4026534 2010-06-01T20:15:28Z VolkovBot Robot interwiki: Adăugat: [[uk:Лора Палмер]]
3475048 2009-12-15T23:09:14Z VolkovBot Robot interwiki: Adăugat: [[ru:Лора Палмер]]
2476351 2008-11-10T19:23:34Z BotSottile Robot interwiki: Adăugat: [[sl:Laura Palmer]]
1744603 2008-02-05T09:59:46Z BOTarate Robot interwiki: Adãugat: [[pl:Laura Palmer]]
1347690 2007-09-16T20:44:00Z Strainu
1174415 2007-07-03T21:27:18Z RadufanBot curăţenie automată
782277 2007-01-28T02:01:58Z Thijs!bot Robot interwiki: Adãugat: [[es:Laura Palmer]]
485235 2006-08-28T17:53:24Z Anclation + categorie si interwiki
484698 2006-08-28T12:47:40Z M-o
484697 2006-08-28T12:47:21Z M-o

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